Who am I? My name is Nick Hood, I am a physicist, educator and technologist working in Edinburgh. I have sustained an interest in internet and other technologies for many years and hold professional qualifications in software development. Some of this interest is revenue-generating, some just for the challenge. Get in touch if you have a question.

The jekyll code for this site was cloned from Ali Zaidi’s typewriter theme. Thanks, Ali.

What happened to the Pixies?

They were slaughtered without mercy in 2016, every last one.

Interestingly, this site (sptr.net), which once served as repository for 10,000 resource files created, shared and used by Scottish Physics Teachers, may yet be pressed back into service as an archive. We may need a little voodoo to raise a few of the Magic Physics Pixies from the dead to keep the place tidy.

Imagine that. Zombie Voodoo Magic Physics Pixies. Sleep well.