Changes to are coming in this academic year.

We have reviewed the usage of sptr storage and download facilities for the Synapse community. The trend is significantly towards other provision, perhaps GLOW or improved access to GDrive in schools, that has resulted in reduced demand for sptr to provide the backup service to the synapse GDrive. This service will be withdrawn at the end of March and the files removed from the server.

Longer term, we are looking very closely at the Physics resources usage and there is a significant shift towards GLOW. This is perhaps down to the major improvements made last year and the work being done by Education Scotland to procure resources for the GLOW science site. We are considering that the sptr site is becoming a “nice to have” rather than the “can’t function without” that it has been, especially during the transition to the new CfE Higher and Advanced Higher.

Whilst the future remains unclear to us all, there seems to be a case to close down at the end of this academic session. It has been a labour of service and would have been quite impossible without the kindness and collegiality of a fairly small group of contributors, relative to the size of the user community who have benefited from it. The owners of remain indebted to those contributors, as do the many thousands of young people who are likely to have been severely disadvantaged without their generosity.