STRONTIUM Chemistry is a support network for Chemistry teachers and others involved in Chemistry education in Scottish schools. It has an email forum and Google drive for sharing resources.The forum is for sharing ideas, sharing resources and asking questions. Similar to Sputnik, when you email the group’s email address, it is forwarded to every group member. When anyone replies, it will go to all group members. With over 200 members, most questions are answered quickly and often lead to discussion. This has been particularly useful in this time of transition.

STRONTIUM is privately run and free to use. If you would like to register please email strontiumchemistry [at] gmail [dot] com with “REGISTRATION” in the subject line. The email should be sent from a school email address.

Thanks to John Watson who runs this list – there are over 200 members already. John teaches chemistry and physics and is a regular contributor to sptr and sputnik.