Synapse is a new Biology teacher mailing list and shared online storage (in Google drive) for Scottish Biology teachers to collaborate and share materials.

If you know of any Scottish Biology teachers that would like to be a part of this then ask them to send an e-mail to synapsebiology [at] gmail [dot] com with your name and School included in the e-mail and their e-mail address will be registered with the group ASAP.

Once set up, to send e-mails to the group or to reply to the group, simply e-mail synapsebiology [at] googlegroups [dot] com

As all Synapse mail comes with [SYNAPSE] in the subject line you can create a ‘filter’ on your e-mail account so that the Synapse mail does not clog up your inbox.

You may want to also share materials and can do so by sending them to group OR posting them onto the SynapseBiology Google Drive. Instructions on how to use this will be sent to members.

When joined, you can look at SynapseBiology messages in the online forum.

Lastly, you can unsubscribe from the Group at any time, please let me know why if you are thinking of doing so.

Kind regards
Synapse administrator
email synapsebiology [at] gmail [dot] com

For those users who are unable to access the GDrive (many Local Authorities block access), you can find all of the resources here on You have to be a registered user of this site to see them. Look in the Resources tab, under SynapseBiology.