18th April 2024


19th April 2024

Nick Hood's Pixie Puzzles

A series of mostly1 cryptic-style crossword puzzles made for the Scottish physics teaching community during the reign of the Magic Physics Pixies, creators of the original sptr.net website, home for a while to the 10,000 resources made by, and shared within that community.

Of the 12 puzzles made during that reign, only two people ever completed the puzzles; the clues were tricksy, physicsy, in-joky and plain obscure, the product of my head. John Lovell is the last living champion solver of the Pixie Puzzles. The other person was my mother, Audrey (née Bourne), who left us in 2020. She solved the clues using sheer logic and a decent general knowledge earned through travel, reading and experience. That, and a mule-like stubbornness when faced with a challenge.


  1. Pixie Puzzle No. 2 was a word search for Sean.↩︎