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18th April 2024


15th June 2024

This website is a portal, with links and a couple of blogs related to the kind of work that I’ve been involved in since I stepped down from my job as lecturer at the University of Edinburgh in April 2024. This work includes pleasure and physical fitness, as well as intellectual pursuits, research and image-making, some of which you can see aspects of here.

This website, sptr.net, was for some time the home of physics teaching resources in Scotland. It used to look like this. Having owned the domain for over a decade, I’ve decided to keep it for its simplicity (four consonants are easy to spell over a phone line), and to re-purpose it as my new “home” page. I’ve shut down niximagery.com and cullaloe.com, and they will redirect here until the domains expire.

This will be more of a thinking space than it will be entertainment for others. You are free to visit and read of course. If you want to interact or comment, then please do so, preferably in person, but there are social media channels where you can reach me (see the footer, bottom right, of this website for links). SubStack is probably the best of these, as I have all but consigned to the skip of former habits, along with smoking and running, my obsessive use of most social media. Come the revolution1, brothers and sisters, the servers will fall silent.

There are rss feeds (bottom left) for those who know what they are, or you can subscribe2 to the SubStack for occasional updates.

If you have questions about anything you see here, or linked from here, just send me a message. Thanks for dropping by.

Nick Hood CPhys FInstP MRAeS SFHEA

Teasels at Lower Largo


  1. or war, or apocalypse, or the evolution of our star. Socal media, politics and sustainability are little more than vain narcissism in the greater scheme of things.↩︎

  2. for free. I don’t want your money, least of all as payment for what I might have to say.↩︎